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4 years
Centara ~ Andalusian mare, foaled 2004. Started at the end of August 2007, our focus on Centara's training has been ground work and light saddle exercises with and without a rider. Centara's classic Andalusian attitude of quietness and willing to do what is asked has almost made her training appear easy. This mare is a watcher. Always studying what is going on around her or in the arena. Expose her to something new and after just a few attempts her manner is one of "piece of cake".

Since June of this year, now a 4 year old, we have accumulated many hours on the trail this summer, crossing bridges, logs and going through mud. Her confidence has grown with each experience. Not always wanting to be the "leader" she goes with ears forward and sets a bold pace if asked. We hope to expose Centara to Competitive Trail classes in 2009.

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