Treveso Azteca Horse

Azteca Horses are a beautiful blending of the powerful and cunning Andalusian and the agile and quick Quarter Horse have created a new breed that reflects the history of a bygone era of early Mexico. You can imagine that this horse is destined to have great cow sense and the ability to excel at many different disciplines

The Azteca Horse in the United States: It's all about making the right croses to achieve the pure Azteca horse. A first generation Azteca is the result of crossing a registered Andalusian stallion or mare to a registered Quarter Horse mare or stallion. The most common cross is Andalusian stallion on the Quarter Horse mare. Subsequent generations may be bred back and forth as long as neither parent exceeds 6/8 of the whole. Parti-colored foals are admissable due to there having been color at one time in the Andalusian breed. Paints of Quarter Horse breeding are allowed as breeding stock. Because of the excessive amount of homozygous grey Andalusians, many of the resulting foals of Azteca breeding will also be grey.

As far as we know Azteca's first started being crossed in Mexico. The Mexican breeders maintain their own registry and guidlines and most stock born in America will qualify for their studbook. American-based registry rely on bloodlines to insure the purity of the breed.

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