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Lizzy was so great we had to add another Morgan to the family. Meet Beca

Our introduction to the Morgan breed could not have been done by a better ambassador than “Lizzy” who joined our equine family in March of 07. Our time together was short but we enjoyed many happy hours on the trail and those special moments when she stood so quietly for her brushing and fluffing. The equine equivilent of the Energizer Bunny, Lizzy would never break a trot and just kept on going. Her earlier days must have been as a great performance and driving athlete. Then in the fall of that same year we discovered a sad surprise. While in great physical health she had a little secret that made itself known. The lump on the side of Lizzy’s face was an aggressively growing squamous cell carcinoma. What you could see on the outside was just an indication of what was going on inside. We did not want her to suffer in pain as it quickly advanced.

Thank you all for your kindness & caring
Laurie and Scott
Nov 2007