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Not too long after we purchased the Miley, brand new I applied a wipe on/off was that ruined the paint job. With the passing of time the elements did little to help what was left and rust was taking over. My poor trailer looked like crap. Admittedly my own fault and the task to right the wrong was huge. The trailer would need a completely new paint job.

Always on the "to do" list it was easy to put off due to time and extra funds just for fixing a boo boo. Well, since we do not lack for vintage cars in need of paint too hubby decided to learn how to paint using the trailer and a project was born. I always had a backup plan called Maaco. I can't even list the amount of hours he has into sanding, stripping, sanding, prepping, primer …did I mention sanding????

This past week we reached a milestone. The trailer received it's all over final coat of primer and then paint was sprayed…… everywhere! Used up all the paint we had and still needed more. Another trip to the paint store and tadah! It's painted and clear coated. Now to the finishing stuff. Since it's naked as the day it sat on the assembly line we plan to update to new chrome latches and chrome the Miley logo hubcaps and some pretty clearence lights etc. The gravel guards are next with the trim. I am still looking for the pics from the 80's to compare but taking pictures of my ugly horse trailer were not on my list of album shots to grab. As time permits and it gets that put together look I will update. I am very proud of the fact hubby has tackled this project and done so well. When done it will be one of the few restores on the property that won't say "built by Ebay".

83 Miley horse trailer w/new paint
    Honey "DO" list
  • New wiring
  • Chrome the hub caps
  • Chrome door latches
  • Tires
  • Replace the wooden floor, still good but original
  • Replace inside bumper pads for same reason as floor
  • Re-attach the gravel guards
  • Pin strip as original
  • Electric jack

    To do over list
  • matt finish
  • body work
  • wait on clear coat
  • Pictures

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