Summers Treasures

With the warm days of summer bringing to our tables the bounty of fresh fruit and treasures from the garden, I wanted to share some different flavors. Here we have two dishes, a salad and potatoes from Old Castile.

Ensalada De Naranjas Y Limon

(Orange Salad with Garlic and Red Wine)

This is a hot weather salad that illustrates the strong connection between the west and south of Spain. Serves 4
Peel and slice the oranges and lemon: 15 min chilling in the freezer helps to cut perfect, round slices. Place in a shallow dish. Chop the egg white and chorizo or salami. Mash the garlic on a board and add a pinch of salt. Work in the hard egg yolk. A cup would work great at this point. Add the wine and oil. Pour over the salad. Scatter with egg white, sausage, and olives.

Patatas A La Importancia

(Potatoes made special)

Turn the potato cubes into well-seasoned flour. Pour oil into a skillet to come one fingers width deep and heat. Flip the potatoes in beaten egg and fry in 2 batches, turning them and removing them to papter towels as they brown and add new ones to take their place.

Meanwhile fry the onion in 3 tbl of oil in a shallow casserole, adding the garlic as it softens. Add the potatoes, packing them in well. Pour in the wine, dissolve the saffron in the broth and add, together with the parsely. Season gently and simmer, covered for 20 minutes. This very typical broth will suit other vegetables.

This dish is an excellent one to serve with roast meat, but it also makes a good supper dish prepared with salmon flakes sprinkled on the top.

these wonderful reipes come from a favorite book "Spanish Cooking" by Pepita Aris.
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